Unlock Specialized Direct Search, our Headhunter's boutique!

Take advantage of our unique know-how, vast experience and advanced tools and technology. We help leaders of Shared Services Centres and Business Process Outsourcing firms across the globe to reach the best available talent, faster.

Understanding the market
We understand that Shared Services Centres and Business Process Outsourcing organizations are often short of relevant and high quality candidates.But thanks to our knowledgeable consultants and experts, we are able to fill vacancies at all levels. We find only high-performing, experienced, passionate and intelligent talent.

n order to recruit the top candidates needed to smash your growth goals, we use a proven four-step recruiting method:


Determine Corporate Objectives

Our process starts with understanding your corporate and go-to-market strategies, business models and culture. We make sure that our recruitment strategy is aligned with your corporate goals.


Profile the Ideal Candidates

We profile your ideal candidates with a thorough definition of the skills, experience, history and DNA needed to make it in the role at your organization.


Targeted Headhunting on all positions

Our targeted direct search methodology identifies hidden talent delivering high-quality performance, consistently, during the last three to ten years.


Scientific Assessments

We rigorously test every candidate, leveraging a unique mix of advanced tools. These include track record verification, behaviour-based interviews and in many cases, psychometric profiling and benchmarking.

Reap the benefits of our pre-selection and sourcing of relevant candidates.

Leverage our intelligent recruiting platform. Gain the benefits of our profile creation and digitalized matching of relevant profiles. Benefit from our laser-precise and manually processed pre-selection of relevant candidates.

Despite developments in technology and its availability, sourcing and screening remain the most time-intensive aspects of the hiring process.

We round out our sourcing and screening process by manually reviewing the must-have and good- to-have qualifications in the job description. We compose a holistic picture of the candidate in the role.

This is the point where the best-fitting candidates are shortlisted. We pass them forward to to our client, along with the necessary details for recommended interviews. High-quality sourcing and screening processes are crucial, as they have a direct impact upon hiring conversion rates and overall success.

Experience tells us that screening 70 candidates leads to 7 being shortlisted for an interview recommendation. Two of these will qualify to receive a job offer, before one accepts the job.

Lease an open-minded, digitally savvy Senior Recruiter.

Take the weight off your HR Director or CEO&'s shoulders.

Expand faster. Let your leased recruiter from our staffing.one team deliver strategies that will quickly become indispensable to your organization.


Our professional recruiters can digitalize and automate your processes. They will perform Direct- Search with headhunting techniques to fill your positions fast, while respecting your modern, fluid workforce objectives.

What are our quality service delivery basics?

1. An initial meeting to gather your requirements and ensure that we understand each other properly. Particularly on topics such as:

  • Your company's business objectives and company culture

  • The kind of talent that would best contribute to your company's success in the marketplace

  • The specific skills that you require

2. We will source, match and attract the most relevant people, perfectly matching candidates to agreed business and hiring objectives.

We will share profiles of recommended candidates with your hiring manager.

After you review profiles and confirm interest, we arrange meetings between your hiring manager, our recruiter and your shortlist of candidates.

The full talent pool of relevant candidates will remain available to your organization for any future hiring needs, at no cost to you.

3. We will hire your chosen candidates following all agreed-upon processes.

Our recruiter will work closely with your hiring manager and team members to welcome your new hire. No matter whether they will work on site or remotely, will receive the perfect onboarding.

We know that the right talent is key to the success of any organization. And we make sure to deliver quality service to each of our clients, with high rates of satisfaction. How? Thanks to years of experience and our fierce passion for staffing and recruitment.