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Our mission is to inspire and support leaders in the Shared Services Centers and Business Process Outsourcing organizations of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, to drive forward with their talented human capital, fluid HR processes and modern technology.

Our goal is to consistently deliver exceptional experiences for candidates and employers, while reducing costs.

The company was founded in 2013 by a visionary entrepreneur and industry innovator. With a passion for solving staffing and recruitment problems, he led the establishment of multiple Shared Services Centres and regional Business Process Outsourcing organizations around the globe. And not just for anyone. Over a thirteen year period, he led HR industry giants such as Jobpilot AG, Adecco S.A. and Monster Worldwide. In addition to HR, the expertise includes Financial Services, IT, Product Development, Creative Services and Customer Support.

All of us can see – whether leaders, consultants, recruiters, marketers, sourcers - how rapidly the world of work is changing.

At, we are set to turn existing and emerging human capital into a truly strategic and talented workforce. We will design and supply you with a competitive business advantage.

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