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  Enhancing the way people apply for jobs    

In the cluttered job marketplace it needs courage and creativity to stand out and create an environment where all stakeholders benefit.

Candidate Engagement


Is there a way to better identify the perfect candidate and engage them along the application process?

Market Differentiation


How do you stand out in the crowd?          Are you the go-to-place when it comes to job applications?

Additional Revenues


Is there another way to support                      the bottom line by offering additional services for employers?

Business Meeting

The answer is: Yes!

  Welcome to the Job Taster Days!  

  Don‘t just  

apply, taste the job!

Job Taster Days

 The idea behind the concept                                     

Signing up on a portal and simply applying for jobs can be dry and boring…                                                                                                                                                                    With the Job Taster Days we spice up the application process with experience vouchers from selected employers.

Apply now? You better first taste what the companies have to offer…

in 2 Phases. 

1. Portal Registrations SIGN UP, SCRATCH & WIN

Simply scratch the 3 correct fields to win an exciting voucher.

2. Job Application APPLY & EXPERIENCE

Apply and automatically receive a Job taster Cash-back voucher to experience a brand during the application process.


The Concept

 How does it work exactly?                                    

Split in 2 Phases this concept is all about awareness and engagement.

Start the application journey with an exciting scratch game. 

No luck? No worries. Apply for a relevant job and get your guaranteed Job Taster Cash Back Voucher.

1. Register


All candidates register on the platform by uploading CV and defining job preferences.

2. Scratch & Win


Upon registration, all candidates have the chance to scratch the card to win prizes from selected brands.

3. Apply & Experience


All those who apply at selected brands automatically receive voucher to “taste the employer company” during the application process (10€ Amazon voucher, 10€ Restaurant voucher, etc.)

4. Cash Back


Applicants can claim back their 10€ via Cash-back. Simply share your details, upload the voucher and invoice and receive the 10€ on your bank account.

Modern City


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Increased Candidate Engagement and Interest to apply for jobs



Additional company exposure in a cluttered job marketplace



Increased revenue through this kind of additional services



Bringing candidates, job platforms and companies together to create   a win-win-win scenario



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